Saturday, June 27, 2009

Become an expert.

There you go, here is the secret to a successful online business.
Become an expert, so they say.
The concept is actually good. It will work pretty well.
And here is how you do it: set up a blog and post a valuable content. I mean really valuable content. Post frequently and stay in close touch with your audience. Of course, first of all you have to build an audience, a herd of followers.

Now, here is the problem with that.
Good content does not come easy. Besides the best, most valuable things you can learn are offered in free reports.
Let me tell you, you are interested in the sheer essence, nothing more.

Now, you want to learn from an expert, you want to follow him.
You know, as a newbie you do not need that. You need to learn basics of the trade, basics of the internet marketing and then you need to apply that knowledge.
You need to take action. After all, you need a results, you need to make a sale, you want to make a money. Is that right?

Most of us are overwhelmed by the all informations that are there.
You need only a seer essence of it.

Now, as an expert, how do you provide a quality information? I mean don't you dilute your content after a while? To build your credibility you need to post frequently,... or you need to post a quality information?/!

The concept is good, but it will work only for the best.

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