Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do you like bonuses?

Do you like bonuses? For me they are just distraction.
Yes, I know, I am confused marketer. That may be a reason ;)

But, aren't you confused with all these offers?
If you are trying to make some money online you've certainly signed for a number of newsletters and you've certainly seen faire share of sale letters.

It is harder and harder for these guys to sell their stuff,... so they offer bonuses. For me it is simply blunt stupid!
Why is that so?
Because it undermines the credibility of the primary offer. Is the offer so weak that it cannot support itself?
I know it does not necessary need to be a case. The market is so competitive that these guys feel compelled to up it, to sweeten it.

But here is the problem with the bonuses. They add to the confusion.

And here is why?
You go for some product because you need a solution to some of your problems. Now they offer you this solution (the primary offer, product) and then they add four, five or more bonus products. These brilliant [so they claim] products will also solve your problems.

But wait, wasn't that the original offer was the brilliant one. They are all brilliant, all are solution to your problems! Then which should I use?
I am confused!!

Not to mention the value claim. It is not uncommon that some gurus are trying to flog the product for $97. All while the value of the bonuses itself goes into thousands. Isn't it outrageous claim?/!
I mean come on!
And you can keep the bonuses even when you return the original product.

So what are the bonuses worth? Most of the time they are not worth much, if anything! They try to sell you some kind of training and in bonuses they will just recycle the information so it will seem ... like they are adding value. All the while they are only adding to the confusion.

Simplicity is worth a gold. Many times you will get a lot of value in the primary report. These kind of free reports are offered to prompt you to sign up for a newsletter or a mailing list.

Now, let's assume that the bonuses are real, that they are not just recycled information. Let's say that through joint venture partnership some other guy is offering his products as a bonuses to the primary offer. They are real value!
But, are they? Are they real value for you?
Do you need that kind of information at the moment? What was your primary concern? What was your primary need?

If you don't need them at the moment, then they are just adding confusion to your reality. They are distraction. And in the era of information overload the last thing you need is more information, more quick fix products.

It is actually easy for the internet marketing guru to offer bonuses. Here is why. They all try to sell some kind of money making products online. You are after money making opportunities. So all the bonuses are just complimentary.

Here is the problem with it again. They try to sell you this brilliant system that will instantly put money in your pocket. And as a bonus you will receive more products, systems, etc.
Now, what do you do? How do you apply it?
Aren't you confused? I am.

We all want to make money. Some of the products are brilliant and they can help you make real money online. But in order to succeed you need to focus. You need to apply the solution offered in the product and stick with it until it will prove to be successful or not.
The bonuses are just distraction. They may be a real value or not.
But are they for you right now?

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