Friday, September 4, 2009

Keep it Simple, Stupid!

Keep it simple.
All honest internet marketers will tell you, it's simple.
The online business is really simple. It all comes down to traffic and conversion.

I mean it's not easy. I didn't say that. It takes hard work to succeed online.

You need traffic to your web site and you need a way to convert this traffic into money in your pocket. It's that simple.

We are in it for money. It's business, nothing personal ;)

Take the offline business, shop of some kind. There it's all about location, location, location. The more people pass by, the more will drop by. Then it's up to you to sell.

Now online, it's all about information, information, information. People look on the Internet for the information. For a solution to their problems. That's why it's important that you provide a relevant, valuable information. Content is the king, so they say.

That's right, content is the king. The search engines loves fresh, unique, personalized content. This is a major reason why blogs are so highly listed. The higher you list with search engines the better your chance that people will visit your website. That's the offline equivalent of a passer by dropping by.

Here is however problem with a content. There's so much content on the Internet and every day literally thousands of new blogs, websites are added that most of us get easily confused. We live in the information era. And most of us struggle to get through to sort out a valuable and relevant information.

Here therefore is your chance. You've got to create a relevant, valuable content. At the same time: keep it simple. Keep your messages short. The biggest value you can provide nowadays is simplification, clarification.

Whatever topic you are writing about, whatever is your market niche if you can convey your massage in a simple, clear manner you will be a winner.

Somebody said that confused mind will not buy. If you will confuse your audience with too much information, even thought it will be relevant information, they will not buy. So, keep it simple.

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