Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hello, that's me Confused Marketer.

Do you have the same problem?
I mean for the beginner it can be rocky road. You get yourself online, you find all these opportunities to make money and ... you don't know where to start.
Internet Marketing is certainly not an easy way to make money. It seems to be so, but ... the competition is enormous.
First what you find is that you can start pretty much right away without product, just with affiliate marketing.
Then you learn, that a smart thing to do is to go into niche, possibly long tail niche. No, I think you learn that a bit further down the road.
Your first attempt has to be something like: how to make money online. This is one of the biggest market, you get yourself into internet marketing because of the need to make some extra cash. You had to figure out that lots of people do the same, so you can try to sell them something.
Well, ... then you find out it is not as easy as it seems. All these gurus who promised you your first paycheque within a few days, if you only buy their product, ... or their system [magical word it is - system!]
Hey, wake up!! There is no magical system. There is certainly money to be made in the internet marketing, but you have to study, to apply, to try and fail. To try again, and possibly succeed.
I'm doing just that.
It certainly is a fascinating journey!

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