Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Information overload.

As you start your internet marketing journey you find out that there is plenty of information available. You sign up for a newsletter with this guru and that guru. Soon enough your email box is about to explode.
You are bombarded with all this information. The gurus tell you that if you only buy this or that product you are on the roll, ... to big profit. Or big disappointment?
How is it so? It's not that these products does not work. They do, or they actually did for someone. Although, most of the time what you are about to find out is that most of these guys did not actually made much money on their original idea. The big money for them are in getting people like you to sing in for their list and then to flog you their product, the system I mean!
That's right. How many systems have you bought so far?
The ture system is pretty simple and straigh forward. Get the people on the list by offering them some freebies like ebook, or sometimes just a raport. Recently all popular are videos.
Let me tell you something. You wasting your time and your money. Unless of course this is your preferable channel of learning.
All the informations in these resources are simply recycled. You are offered to buy an entry level product, then up sell, etc. All the way to exclusive coaching.
I mean, it may be worth the money. But do you make money out of it? Because that should be your primery concern.
Then, how will you learn if ther is so much information, so may gurus?
Well, you've got to take a risk.
First of all, you better invest some time to have a feel for the thing. Then as you find valuable resources stick with them and apply what you learn.
Application, implementation is crushial. Alter all, you in it for money.
What will work for you? You' ve got to find out yourself.

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