Friday, June 12, 2009

Funnel philosophy - diluted credibility.

Have you heard of the "funnel philosophy"? If you are a beginner you probably didn't.
It goes like this: develop entry level product, then offer upgrade to audio. You can also sell video for a much "nicer price", all the way to personal coaching.
I mean there is nothing wrong with that. For me however it dilutes credibility of "the self-proclaimed expert" who sell all these products.
It works like this: the informations you buy from "that expert" are just the same recycled ideas in different form. You even can get free report at the very beginning just for signing up for his or her list. That's very wide spread net, but it works ...
Thousands will sign up for a free report. Who does not like freebies?
Some of them will buy an ebook, then audio. Some of these will go for video, for "system". And some of the remaining will go for a coaching.
You know that some of these guys are so cheeky as to tell you outright what are they doing. Then they go and try to teach you how to make a big bucks from the coaching. Well, people are buying, they really have a business! That comes as a surprise to me. But then, ... I'm different.
If you are smart, you can figure out that most of the valuable information is already in the free report, and almost all of them are in an ebook. The guru has to provide a value from the beginning otherwise nobody will follow into the funnel.
There is certainly a value in a coaching, especially if the guru is a real deal. And that's rather exception then the rule.
The real guru made his money elsewhere, so he does not need to push his "products", his upgrades, his audio, his videos, ... all these recycled information.
Well, the real deal expert is .... really expensive, but more then that, rather difficult to hire since he does not need to work as a "coach".
That's the reality.
These who try to sell and up sell are simply desperate for sale. They quickly dilute the value of the information they are providing by diluting their credibility.
Now, think - some of these guys seem to be smart. They teach you that you have to establish credibility, that you have to build trust and develop a relationship as an internet marketer. How much is worth their advice since they cannot follow it?
It still is worth a lot for these who will apply it. Do as they teach, not necessary as they do themselves.
Then, certainly it is not worthy to follow down the funnel and buy more and more expensive products form that kind of expert.

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