Friday, June 19, 2009

Why I do not like freebies!!

Am I mad? Everybody likes freebies, ... so what's wrong?
For the start: I do not like to be sucked into the funnel, I like to make my own choices. It is easy to go for some "fantastic" ebook, or maybe some CD,.. "the latest magic system revealed". Just pay a postage and you in ... for some recycled, diluted content. Anyway, you are one step closer to spent some real money.
The rule applies to internet marketing. There are so many guys trying to make some money that you can easy get confused about all this things.
All in all surprising as the basics are pretty simple and you can learn them within a few hours from blogs, ezines, or some rapports.

But why not to like freebies?
Because they are time wasters. If you are like me, you like to learn, you like get to know a new things then you like freebies as I did. I did, I am guilty.
These things are time wasters, because you need to learn something and then go and apply it. Try it, find out whether it will work for you or not. For you! It may work for somebody else, it may work for most of internet marketers out there. But you need to find your own style. With so may freebies you are wasting your valuable time, you do not have time to apply what you learn.

The major problem with freebies however is this: there is no such a thing like a free dinner. You may have heard it, but like most of us, you do not live according to this rule.
It is a principle which can save you a lot of money, a lot of time. As a beginner internet marketer you should value your time and you should guard your money. As a matter of fact you can not judge whether product or offer is a real deal or not. You do not have enough expertise. Learn simple thing, then as you make some money try some products. Learn about authors, the best of them run their own blogs. There you can learn pretty much everything you need to know.
And guard your time.
I mean the audio are great, for the guys who do them. Some pals are shooting breeze. They will tell you a few tricks which they not necessary use any more. Something that has worked a few months ago, but may not necessary do by now. Internet marketing is changing very fast as you'll learn soon.
The videos, ... kind of the same story. It's just, that they are so popular at the moment.
I mean, I much of your valuable time you spent watching these videos?

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