Monday, June 22, 2009

Video, what's the hype?

Everybody nowadays is doing videos. They are very popular throughout internet marketing community. That's right, I am not talking about Youtube or any other medium through which we can access virtually hundreds of thousands of videos posted by our fellow internet users.

Videos are now very popular among fellow internet marketers. They certainly know what they are doing, many of them are smart people.

I said in my previous post that I do not like freebies and videos are often offered as a freebies. It is easy nowadays to create videos. One can record content released previously in a free report. It's easy and does not cost much. But it takes time to watch. And here is the problem with them.

The time is the most precious asset you have and you can very easy waste it on watching some recycled content. Can you afford it? I don't think so.

Videos have a certain role to play. Some people learn better by watching them. Other learn better by listening to audio or just by simple old-fashion reading.

For me the best videos are the kind of presentation. Mix of various things: some pictures, animations, some text. These kind seem to be professional.

I do not certainly need to see a face of the person talking. Talking heads are boring. And I certainly do not like these guys who talk to me while driving, having breakfast or doing something else. The idea behind this is that it adds a personal touch. Maybe, but we are in business here.

Are you in business?

I think these "sloppy" videos from your bedroom have a place. They can work well in certain niches. People will respond to "people like me". But they will simply not do for a professional internet marketer.

Business is business.
That's all.
Offline or online does not matter.

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