Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How about being honest about internet marketing?

What do I mean?
I mean just that: how about being honest?
Honest about internet marketing. That's right.
I'm sick of the guys trying to flog their stuff to newbies in this business with lines like this:
- you will make $10.000 in your firs week,
- you will make $48.000 in your first month, etc.

I'm sick of the guys trying to tell you how easy it is to make money online. I'm sick of the guys who play on peoples emotions, just to make a few bucks.
Especially in times like this, in a though economic conditions when many people are loosing a real job. Many of them are turning to online world. It is easy to prey on their hopes, expectations.

How about telling the true story about online marketing?
Of course, there are few lucky ones who just got it right straight from the beginning, but for most of us it is not as easy.
It usually is not a matter of some magical system we purchase that we succeed in the internet marketing. Unless it is our own system which we had discovered through trails and errors.

Success in an online business is more down to focus, dedication, and it requires hard work. Same like a real world business.

That's why it takes on my nerve when some guy is claiming that he is a complete newbie in one of the popular affiliate programs, yet he made tons of money in his first few weeks. How so?
Ah, this guy is not a complete newbie in the internet marketing world. In fact, he admitted that he made big money elsewhere online.
He then may be new to this affiliate program, but that hardly makes him newbie in the internet marketing.
I mean, came on: he had a list, copywriting skills, etc., etc.
But, how that sounds: complete newbie makes thousands in his first few weeks. It does appeal to greed, it puts your imagination on fire.

Now, I read a different story. Some other guy is telling you that you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars from blogging. In fact, if you are smart, you can pull first thousands within a week. What a lie?
I dig deeper, and what do I find?
The guy is a pro, he's making that kind of money, but it wasn't that easy for him yet a few years ago.
In fact, he was struggling to make any money in his first online enterprise for a year or longer. Eventually, through trails and errors he made his money.
Now he has a comfortable position, thousands if not millions of dollars stacked in bank accounts. Now he will tell you,.... how easy it is to make money online [just follow his simple system].

If you are a newbie, run away.
Find somebody who will be honest with you. Find somebody who will tell you that you can make a big money in the internet marketing world, if ... you are willing to invest hard work and effort.


  1. Anyone who says they make $000s right away is full of shit to be frank. It takes months and months of non stop hard work and a rather long learning curve just to make a few $s. It is possible to make millions, some do it all the time, but it is a very small minority that do.

  2. That's right. You may get lucky, but then as somebody said: the harder I work, the luckier I get.
    All newbies has to make their own mistakes and learn it hard way.

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