Sunday, August 30, 2009

John Reese talks about his million dollar day.

How about making million dollars in one day. Actually in 18 hours according to John Reese. It's been eventful day for him, but also for the rest of us in the internet marketing world.

It's that breaking this mental bariere and showing what is possible. John Reese is having chat with Anthony Robbins, the guy who is very well known in the personal development community. That is actually understatement.

Here in this short video Tony Robbins and John Reese talk about making it happen. About actually going out there and making real money. What does it take?

Why there are some guys that have succeeded while so may others failed. While so many do not even give it a good try.

How about making first dollar online? How about just starting. According to Tony Robbins it is critically important to take that first step, to get going. To build a momentum. That will take you further to a bigger success. If you will persist.

Thing big and take a small actions daily. Your first dollar online is very important. Yours first few thousand will prove to you that it is for real, that you actually can make a living of the internet marketing.

Take that first step. It is more about your mental attitude then about technical stuff. It is all about taking actions and adjusting along the way.

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