Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wordpress blogs.

Have you heard that Wordpress blogs are brilliant tools for the internet marketer.
I've heard that.

Wordpress indeed works very well. It works very well with Google for example. And that's important, I guess.
I have Wordpress blog too.

The most important thing is that it is easy to set up and user friendly to run. I mean reasonably friendly. If you are not technical guy you may get lost. Especially, if you are setting up Wordpress blog under your own domain. That is what has happened to me.
I had watched the video explaining how to set up the blog. It seemed very easy. So I said to myself: let's do it!
And then I got stuck.

I mean it may be fairly easy if your hosting company offers the automatic set up for the Wordpress blog. Most reputable hosting companies nowadays do anyway.

You may also consider to go with same sort of guru for your first blog. Then, after that it will be easy for you. Wordpress Goldmine is worthy of trying.
The obvious benefit of it is that it takes you through various stages of a process of creating your first online business. From choosing a niche to creating a content, etc.

Now, there are of course other blogging platforms, like for example Blogger. Here we are :)
Blogger may be even better for the internet marketer who just starts. It seems to be bit less complicated. You may start right away, without your own domain. Of course you can do the same with the Wordpress.

I mean, it can be useful and practical to start with a Blogger and test your ideas. Unless of course you are absolutely sure and committed to build a profitable business. Then Wordpress with your own domain address is the must. Ultimately, it will belong to you.

The crucial clue here is commitment. If you have already chosen your niche. If you are feeling confident that you will be able consistently create a good content. If you aiming at becoming an expert in your field. Then certainly go with the Wordpress platform.

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