Friday, August 7, 2009

Joint Ventures, these confuse me the most.

Joint Ventures, these confuse me the most.

Not that I do not understand the idea. Indeed I do understand it, I do understand the working of it. It's just it adds to the confusion.

Now, I'm into internet marketing, but I'm also big into personal development. Recently I have received the offer for a "*free* MP3 Player has a 6 hour seminar with Internet multi-millionaire Russell Brunson". It's "$197 pre-loaded MP3 Player is paid for in full". I have received the same offer from Bob Proctor and two days ago from Bryan Tracy. I respect these guys. They are big names in the personal development, but I'm disgusted [not only confused] to received this offer from them.

If you are on any list you certainly received this offer too. I mean the guy is certainly very good at engineering these JV partnership. Of course, I mean on any list of "internet guru". In the last two weeks I have received the same offer from 3 or 4 gurus and I quickly cancelled my subscription.

First of all, the offer is not free. You've got to sign up for a monthly subscription. Of course you can cancel then, but do you need that. Do you need another mp3 player? Do you need another 6 hours of recycled, cheep information. Do you have 6 hour to waist?

As an internet marketer, believe me, you do not have that time. Besides I guess that most of these 6 hours is just a sale pitch to sell you more stuff, this time not for "free". That's how the guy made his millions in the first place.

I have one thing to say to these engineering those JV partnership. You overdo it!

I would readily discard Bob Proctor or Brian Tracy, but I respect what they achieved. It is only sad that their credibility is used to leverage such a dubious venture. It is sad that their hard earned credibility is now used by their sales teams. Word to them. Fire your sales teams and just do what you do the best - inspire, motivate people.

I mean, guys you are rich, you do not need to make a few quick bucks. Are you greedy, or something else ....

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