Monday, July 27, 2009

Clean your email box.

So you've probably heard about it.
It's about FOCUS, it's about getting things done.

Clean your email box.
You've got a mail. These are not a magical words any more. We live in the world where information is abundant and available for free. And there is a lot of bad information, a lot of rubbish. You know that.

How may ezines you subscribe to. How many list you've signed for?
Do yourself a favour and unsubscribe from all of them. Then if you want come, back to two or three most valuable and resubscribe.

I've done purification myself. Not once, you know what I mean.
It's a bit like addiction. I put it off, I clean my email box and then I start over. I start to sign up to freebies again.
It's a bit sad. I said once myself, I do not like freebies. They consume my valuable time. Once in a while there are valuable pieces, but most of them are just sales pitches. I do not need them.
At least now I have enough self-discipline to not to buy anything. I question all of them and most of the time I find them wanting ...

Money are made elsewhere and we confused marketers are in it for money, aren't we.
These guys running ezines are in it for money too. They are after your money.
I say: do not buy.

If you must, then sing up. You will receive a few valuable pieces before they will start to pitch you for sale. So you have some time to learn and then ... unsubscribe.
Bye, bye.

And I say really, cancel your subscription.
It's funny, all these "experts". I have seen expert on managing your email box. Come on, are we stupid?
You may lack a bit of self-discipline, but then ... you can do it!

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