Friday, February 5, 2010

Do you have a product?

Do you actually have a product?
Yes that's relevant question!
Do you?

I mean, it's important to have a product in order to market it. In order to make some money online.

I have to confess: as I took upon an internet marketing learning curve it was rare that any guru mentioned that. And that's really basic stuff.

We all try to learn the tricks. All marketing tactics and strategies to succeed in our online business, but the truth of the matter is that we cannot do much without actual product itself.

Now, your product can be anything. Preferably , it will be same kind of information product because you want to market in online. It takes a lot of hassle off your back if you just sell information instead of something else. That's what most people look for online anyway.

Of course you can market anything and be really successful. In the end it's up to you, it's up to the level of your commitment. I've heard about guy who was in the asphalt business and then he turned his knowledge, his contacts into very profitable online business. So if you are already in some kind of offline business you can transfer your knowledge your skills into online business as well.

There is probably no easier way to get started then Ebay, if you wish to do so. You can get some unused stuff you've got at home and put it on the auction. You will get the feel of the online business. You can then proceed into part time business flogging stuff on auction and using drop shipping as a fulfilment of the orders.

But to become a full fledged internet marketer you've got to move on up the leather. You've got to have your own website, you've got to drive traffic to this website, ... and you've got to actually sell something on this website of yours. You need a product.

Now again, you can become affiliate, you can go to the Clickbank and pick some of the popular products and start promote them through your website or anywhere else using affiliate links. You actually do not need your own website indeed. But it's helpful to have one as the matter of fact.

Most of the guru will advise you to to choose the niche, something you already know about, something you are passionate about, it may be your hobby if you wish. It's good advise. What I have to say however is this: be weary of the "gurus" that talk all about lifestyle, about freedom, and all that BS.

We all know about that, we all want that. That's not the reason for which you listen to the advice of the guru. But that's the way the "guru" pushes your emotional buttons and tricks you into buying his product without actually providing you with much of useful information.

That's why I said that on my journey of confused internet marketer I encountered only a handful of the people (not necessary the gurus) who will tell you straight in face: get the product and start promote it!

You will learn all the SEO ticks on the way as and when you need them. You will learn how to put together a decent copy as you will screw with a couple. You will build your list as soon as you will get the autoresponder account and put on your website the opt-in box. You will learn as you go. But you need to start.

So create product, put together half decent website and start driving some traffic to it. That's all.

Now, how you create a product. You already know that. Write an ebook, record some audio or video. DO anything, do something! I hear that - how to advices still sell pretty well.

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