Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Product launch - exploit experts.

If you on any list then you've encountered the power of this internet marketing technique. Experts bombard your in-box with emails everyday before they are about to stars selling their newest product. Surprisingly, most of these emails are good and provide well researched and well prepared content.

Surprisingly, because they usually do not care about you all that much most of the time. From time to time they make attempt to flog you some stuff. On the occasions they even will send you some useful tip, some valuable link, just because ... you are on their list.

But the product launches, man I do like them. Majority of the experts send you really good content in the prelaunch phrase. These few weeks before they will try to sell you their stuff, I mean ... you can learn their stuff. And there is plenty to learn.

If the expert is any good he has to give away his best stuff for free in order to prepare you to buy his other stuff. Now if you are smart you can learn 90-95 % of what will be included in their paid stuff for free. And that is to be smart.

You do not need to buy their paid stuff in order to benefit from their knowledge. That is if you are smart and you don't like part with your cash.

The stuff is for you to learn for free.

Consider it again. They have to give away their best stuff for free in order to persuade you to buy their "proper stuff". That means, if they are any good. The catch is that there is a "downhill road" beyond. I mean they are giving away their best stuff in order to persuade you to buy. That means, if you will buy their paid stuff you will only get the other, inferior stuff.

Good thing is you do not have to buy. Just use the good stuff from the prelaunch. That is if you need that knowledge and can apply it. Otherwise there's no point in learning stuff whatsoever either free or paid.
This is completely different from the freebies and bonuses which are offered after the launch just to prompt you to buy now. These kind of bonuses are most of the time useless and certainly confusing.

But the prelaunch stuff is usually really good so take advantage of it. Just beware, do not learn it just because it is for free. Learn it if you need it, if you can apply it and make money this way.

Now, this is purely opportunistic approach. If you like the guy, if you respect him/her go and buy the paid stuff. You may get some one on one coaching or something. Just remember most of the stuff if free to learn.

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