Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why bonuses are useless to you?

Bonuses are part of every product we are offered nowadays. It used to be different, but now in order to stand out, in order to differentiate yourself you've got to add value. So they say.

So all the marketers online do it. It is especially common practice in the internet marketing world. A bit odd I would say. To do what others are doing and trying to differentiate yourself that way.

Of course, everybody offers different bonuses, ... in order to add value. So they say.

So, do the bonuses actually add value?
For me all they do, they actually add to the confusion. That's right, the bonuses add to the confusion and since I am confused internet marketer I don't like them. Period.

It actually makes me question the value of the primary offer in the first place. Is it any good? Will it solve my problem, or what?
I guess, ... the problem.

Unless of course, all they offer you is the hype, and then more hype (more bonuses for that matter) in order to make you buy. And these guys know their stuff. I mean, they know how to make you use you credit card.

This is not all bad. I mean there are plenty of useful information products that are sold by decent guys. The only question is: do I need it? Do I need it right now?
Can I use it?

Because it all looks attractive, it all looks like the real solution to ... , my problems? I don't know.

Let's say I buy some information stuff about seo and then I'm offered 10 other bonuses which will teach me even more about seo for that reason. Do I need it? I''m already overwhelmed with all this information. I want a simple solution. No, I do not mean a silver bullet, quick fix. I do mean: I need simple solution to my problem. And the only reason for paying for the information online is to pay for ready solution. I do not want to pay for more information. All stuff is out there for free anyway.

The only reason for paying for information is to save my time, to shorten the learning curve.

Therefore I do not need more products, bonuses. I need the answer. Is that right?

The guy who want me to buy his information on the basis of attractive bonuses does not help me. He does want to differentiate himself. And so he does. And I do not buy his stuff. I am confused marketer. I vote for simplification. That's it!

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