Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why you should not listen to the gurus.

There is a problem with all the exerts, all the so called gurus on the internet, ... and in life generally for that matter.

They talk rubbish. No, not that their advice is rubbish, but it is generally useless. And it is so even when you exclude all these (which is majority of theme) who simply want to make money of you, these who know how to push your emotional buttons.

The story for theme goes like this: back in the old times I was like you struggling to find solution, to make any money on the internet, bla, bla, bla ...

Then they will offer you this simple solution, you only need to invest as little, as ..., that just for the start. As soon as you rise your hand they will flood you with other brilliant, must have solution. Soon enough you are more confused then ever before.

They will tell you the story trying to convince you that ... because they had to struggle you do not have to. That's all beautiful and still useless.

The trick is that they will tell you what has worked back in the old times, which on the internet could be ... very old by the time they are offering this "secret", "underground", whatever formula to you.

Or even worse, they will tell you what they would do if they were like you right now. This is even worse then the previous version of what has worked in the past. It is so useless to answer this question, that is down right harmful to these who take the advice.

The trick is that the thing: what would you do if ..., is so much different from what they actually do in the reality. Of course you can not do the same thing they do. Says who? Think about it.

First thing first, all of the so called expert had some kind of lucky break through. Some of them had to struggle longer, some of them ... got lucky almost straight from the beginning. That's right, they got lucky, no mystery about that.

Many of them actually admitted that they struggled like me and you, confused internet marketers, and they only broke free after they stopped listening to the gurus and experts themselves.

They only started to get traction the moment they started doing their own thing, whatever that happened to be.
Now they tell you that you do not have to struggle, you only have to listen to their advice. How useless is that?

They may tell you to find the niche, connect it with your passion, whatever that might be, but then you find out that they did not do the same thing. If you dig a bit, you might find out that they were not in any niche whatsoever, besides internet marketing niche.

So now these guys are trying to sell you the system, the turn key, ready to use system to make money online. Look how easy it is to build your list, to drive the traffic, etc. Is it so easy?

If you want to believe it ...

It is not actually as hard neither.

It is just that I personally find it so much more useful to learn what the so called guru or expert did at the beginning of their road to success then to listen to their advice. Simple because they are either trying to sell you the thing that has worked some times ago, but may not any more, or because they are answering the question: "what would you do", but they themselves are doing another thing. And that's down right harmful and confusing.

Beware of the experts and gurus. Study what they did, but do not necessary listen to their advice.

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