Friday, April 9, 2010

Confused Marketer on Twitter.

Here I am Confused Internet Marketer on Twitter.
Isn't that peculiar?
What the hell are you doing there man? Good question.

It's good and relevant question because Twitter is such an aggregation of information ... and a lot of rubbish too. I remember, I had this problem and I still have it occasionally, where I find my inbox email account with a messages from all these guys ... who try to sell me something and occasionally share some useful content.  That is what happens to you when you are signing up on too many lists, newsletters, etc..

I remember this good advice I've read last year: do you want to watch what other guys are doing or do you want to do your own thing and make some money. That puts the things in perspective!

But still I find myself signing up to a new lists.Then I have to get rid of most of them. Most recently I found myself in peculiar situation. All these smart headlines do not speak to me any more. And I do not open anything that has free offer in it. I learned my lessons.

But why I'm rumbling about all this?
Because I'm on Twitter and this can be too much for confused internet marketer like myself. There's just too much information, too much rubbish to. Of course you can sort it out, you can use a lists (that was actually one of the best improvements on Twitter), but still if you like consuming information, you can quickly get lost in this maze.

Of course, You can follow only a few people, but then you seriously limit your chances to market ... whatever  you want to market for that matter. Twitter is reciprocal tool and if you do not follow people they will most likely not follow you.

Here is a brief story of my time on Twitter. It's been a bit over a year now, I started my account in March 2009. By now I have acquired almost 4000 followers, respectable but not at all big number. How I got here?

For the first few months I had no idea what to do with my account so I did nothing. Then in the summer I started to connect to people and I started to learn about how it all works. I gained some followers fairly quickly although it was struggle to go through the 2000 threshold. That's where I had to use Twitter Karma (free software) to clean my account for the first time. I actually did it again a few weeks ago again. It's good to regain control.

I had a moments when ... it was intense and I followed new people every day, but for most of the time I haven't been nearly as much active.

What have I done with my account? I tried to share useful information mainly entrepreneurial stuff. I share also a lot of quotes and inspiration, I like that things. I have been experimenting with some affiliate product offers, but only with the stuff that I thought will really benefit people who will use it. And that pretty much all.

I  haven't use Twitter for lead generation which I think could be the best thing to do simply because it is not applicable in my case. I might however done the second best thing which I think is to concentrate only on one specific niche. Then I could have build a relationship and market some products that way. The only question is: is it viable business option? I mean, what is the trade off time for money. Or should I use one of these automation tools for building Twitter following?

I wonder how you use your Twitter account? Don't you find yourself occasionally sucked into all these information and ... confused a bit after a while?

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